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If this is not the most DONE face you have ever seen you are dead wrong.

is that slenderman in the picture frame





this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there

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SNAZAROO Blows Up In The Microwave

  1. snazaroo blows up in the microwave
  • my friend set a hotel microwave on fire


You’re not supposed to put face paint in a microwave????????????


Why the hell did you put it in a microwave?  Protip, MOST things with a high moisture content, like water or oil based makeup, tomatoes, sealed packages, and potatoes, can and will explode in the microwave.

Could you maybe not tell people that makeup is unsafe just because you did something SERIOUSLY fucking stupid?!


look if they cut tommen’s kittens from the show im done

ser pounce is VITAL

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So the question is not, exactly, “Why change the books?” Because the answer is clear: Many, many details must be changed, just to make the transition from book series to televised series work. The question is, instead: “Why change this?” Why make a scene from the book that depicts consensual sex into one in the show that depicts rape?

Rape of Thrones · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

Thank god for the A.V. Club, the only media outlet that has outright called bullshit on this so far.

And another really important quote:

Rape is a tricky thing to use as character development, for either the victim or the rapist; doing it twice raises a lot of red flags. It assumes that rape between characters doesn’t fundamentally change the rest of their story—and it assumes that the difference between consent and rape is, to use the parlance, a “blurred line.”

(via mythandrists)



I’m writing this as someone who doesn’t ship Jaime and Cersei and never initially paid enough attention while reading their scenes in the books.

Here’s transcribed altar sex scene.

Maybe I’m reading it all wrong, but to me, this scene between Jaime and Cersei is not about a power struggle. At all. If you read the dialogue and think “power struggle,” then there’s a problem, because Jaime’s offering comfort to Cersei in this scene and Cersei’s desperate for him. It’s supposed to be a tender and intimate moment despite Jaime crudely telling her that they can make another son, despite Cersei having her moon’s blood, despite Joffrey’s dead body lying near them, despite her fear that they’ll be caught.

Jaime could smell the fear on her, even through the rank stench of the corpse. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, to bury his face in her golden curls and promise her that no one would ever hurt her…”
Jaime is all about protecting Cersei and she takes comfort in that. I just don’t understand blatant misinterpretation of this moment as a power struggle. There’s no justifiable reason that I can see that it had to be changed to something so much more disgusting and disturbing than in the books because of the lack of consent and lack of intimacy and care between them…it was the simplest thing to accurately translate to screen and yet.
Cersei’s doesn’t get to consent, doesn’t get to control her sexuality, and Jaime (who finds rape despicable) is now a character who, instead of wanting to protect Cersei, resents her and punishes her by forcing himself on her because she kept spurning his advances. Marinate on that.

I almost wonder if it’s because in the books, Cersei and Jaime do truly love each other, and the idea of such a caring yet incestuous relationship was too disgusting to portray onscreen. Except I really don’t think the answer is to make it into a fucked up incestuous relationship.

That, and the show seems to have so many issues with sexual violence that I think they just don’t know how to portray an intimate, loving relationship. Or they’re following the sad trope of add rape = instant drama.

I’ve seen complaints about the show’s writers turning Drogo’s relationship with Dany into an abusive one as well, since from what I’ve seen the wedding night assault never happened in the book and Drogo was always very respectful of Dany’s boundaries and didn’t touch her until she consented.

This is a pretty problematic and worrying trend in the show. There’s enough mention of rape and rapists between the Night Watch members and the various attacks on cities and villages throughout the series thus far. Why do they have to turn the main characters into rapists as well?

Just… ugh.






Favorite Characters - Vladimir & Sophie

god Sophia had a double chin and bingo wings and a booty like a shelf and she was still hot as fuck. and Anastasia was hot. and the empress was hot. All the ladies were pretty but totally different sizes and ages and things were wonderful.

Sophie wasn’t just on screen to be fat and funny. She was depicted as actually DESIRABLE. I was a little stick of a child when this movie came out and that definitely effected my views of beauty. As a much thicker adult it still means a lot to me now.


It made me SO happy to see a lady who wasn’t super skinny still being portrayed as being sexy and desirable…

We need more movies like this…with characters like this, who aren’t just treated like walking punchlines because of their bodies…




Why can’t there be a male hooter’s equivalent where male servers are shirtless and highly sexualized for their bodies and looks

Male Strip clubs. You’re thinking of male strip clubs.

No. Not a male strip club. A strip club is a strip club. I want a place called Cahones where waiters wear Speedos and are forced to stuff if they don’t fill out their uniform well enough. I want them to giggle for my tips. I want it to be so normalised and engrained in our culture that women bring their daughters there for lunch (because whaaaaaat the wings are good! Geeze sensitive much?) where they’ll give playful little nudges like, “Wouldn’t mind if you dad had those. Heh heh heh.” that their daughters don’t even understand but will absorb and start to assume is just the normal way grown up women talk about grown up men. I want to playfully ask my waiter if I can have extra nuts on my salad and for him to swat my arm with an Oh, you because he knows if he doesn’t his manager will yell at him. I want other men to pretend to like going there so I think they’re cool. I want to go to Cahones during my lunch break at work and when I come back and tell the other women in the office where I went they chuckle slightly and the men around us suddenly feel self conscious and they don’t know why.

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39. If you could invent a new flavor of ice cream, what would it be?

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42. What are two things that irritate you about the same sex?

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44. What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?

45. What is something that makes you sad when you think about it?

46. Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for ten years, or someone you hate for one month?

47. How long was your longest relationship?

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