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If you listen to the end of tangled…. Rapunzel and Eugene didnt get married until several years later 

same with Aladdin and jasmine!

And Belle was trapped in that castle for months with Beast; I’m pretty sure at least a year.

Also Tiana and her prince were together as frogs for an indeterminate length of time before they married. 

Tumblr gets schooled by the Disney fandom

Also let’s not forget Aurora was betrothed (which uhh, was a thing and some places still is).

Cinderella had to be locked in her home away from her prince whilst she knew he was looking for her. 

I love how no one is trying to defend Ariel and Snow.

When Ariel was permanently turned back into a human by her father, we don’t know how much time passed between that day and their wedding.

Snow was under the sleeping curse for at least half a year. Remember the lovely commentary animated films used to do? At the end of the film, it states, “The Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.” Additionally, it shows changes in season.
And finally we don’t even see a marriage between The Prince and Snow.

I love this fandom


So really, Anna is the only princess who tries to marry a prince right away

I am so proud of everyone who commented on this


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why do girls go to the bathroom together






  • to keep out the creepers trying to sneak a peak into the girl bathroom while your peeing
  • to have a feeling of security
  • to have a place to talk where the boys can’t hear
  • to have someone to help with either your hair, outfit or makeup
  • to gossip in safety
  • to cry in safety
  • to talk about the hottie in your algebra class
  • to get away from the forever judging society filled with antifeminists for a few moments
  • to tell each other you look like sluts and need to tone down the cat eye and pull up your shirt without the chance of other people hearing
  • to tell a secret
  • possibly because you both have to go to the bathroom

Also to rap battle

To sacrifice the males

To have lesbian sex

To open the Chamber of Secrets


Am i a womfn? Am i a womfn?

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inspired by x

I have no idea what I was expecting from that picture but it wasn’t this. And it’s glorious


why the fuck would a woman pretend to like videogames to fuck some fedora neckbeard i dont get this concept i dont think it’s ever happened

Glinda chooses the easy road because she doesn’t think she’s brave enough to go with Elphaba. She’s not done changing yet, and she falls back on the security of her old dreams. She chooses to be in with the good guys, aligned with the majority - popular. Glinda chose the wrong path, and is stuck on it for the long haul. She’s rewarded with the empty security of public approval, and is set to live the rest of life thinking the one person who changed it is dead. Glinda’s last notes in Wicked are in mourning, a lament for Elphaba, who can never let Glinda know she’s still singing in harmony with her.


"I hope you’re happy in the end. I hope you’re happy, my friend."

"Because I knew you…"


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Not all men are

as straight as me. Im so heterosexual that i cant go 10 minutes without looking at a séxy lady or else i’ll pass out! Whenever i look a man in the eye on accident i make the sign of the cross over my chest and whisper “no homo.” Boy do i love sports and and hot women. My girlfriend ditched me because i cant stand within 5 feet of another man. I am so alone

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I don’t think the comment “bisexuals have straight privilege unless they’re in lesbian relationships” makes any more sense than saying “lesbians have straight privilege while they’re single”. This makes the assumption that all bisexuals who are single or in opposite-sex relationships actively hide their sexual orientation.

If a gay woman keeps her sexual identity secret while she’s single in order to avoid discrimination, we don’t accuse her of co-opting straight privilege – we sympathize with her for feeling the need to closet herself. So why the double standard for bisexuals?

It might not apply to you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t straight-looking femme lesbians, or androgynous-looking, rainbow-wearing, alternative-haircut-having bisexuals. My point is that that comment oversimplifies and overgeneralizes things in a way that seems unreasonable to me.

Anonymous asked
Carnation, jasmine, poinsettia!

Carnation:If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?

Steam Powered Giraffe

Jasmine:What color looks best on you?


Poinsettia:Favorite holiday dish?

My favorite is my mom’s roast beef with corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy

ziggyzhu asked
Jasmine,Allium, Myrtle

Jasmine:What color looks best on you?


Allium:What’s the best thing you can cook?

I make a damn good beef and mushroom pie from my Harry Potter cookbook

Myrtle:Do you like going on airplanes?

I love airplanes